Imagine how great it would feel to have a smile full of teeth that look amazing and work perfectly.
You don't have to worry about what you look like or what you can eat. With the right prosthodontist working for you, you get the peace of mind you've always wanted.
What Is A Prosthodontist?
A prosthodontist is a fully licensed dentist who has taken 3 additional years of the specialty residency training in the dental field of prosthodontics.

Their specialty lies in diagnosing, treatment planning, and executing complex treatment cases for a variety of dental patients.

During the 3-year residency training, the dentist learns in-depth about:

  • Dental Occlusion: how teeth should fit and bite together properly
  • Dental Articulation: how the jaw moves and controls the teeth position
  • Dental Aesthetics: how to get a natural and beautiful looking smile
  • Dental Materials: the most modern, up-to-date restorative options for longevity and comfort
  • Dental Implants: how to properly plan and provide implant teeth
  • Sleep Apnea management: oral appliances as an alternative to CPAP/biPAP machines
  • Removable Prosthodontics: dentures, partials, snap-on or clip-on teeth
  • Fixed Prosthodontics: natural tooth crowns, natural tooth bridges, veneers, implant crown and bridges

As a certified specialist in prosthodontics, Dr. Sida Zeng is ready to offer you the best in restorative,
reconstructive, and aesthetic dental care.

For additional information, please follow the links below:

Association of Prosthodontists of Canada American College of Prosthodontists
We help you get healthy teeth that look great and function as they should.
Prosthodontists are the expert at connecting the form and function of your teeth.

We create dentures, bridges and crowns for patients with missing or damaged teeth. 

We also specialize in the restoration of oral function, comfort and appearance by replacing lost dental tissue using artificial substitutes such as implants, veneers or prosthetic devices like dentures.

Because you deserve an amazing smile.
This world needs you at your best. When your teeth aren't working for you, nobody is seeing the real you.

To take care of you and get you feeling confident again, Dr. Sida Zeng takes care of every single detail involved in your mouth, from tooth implants and dentures to crowns and bridges. 

Dr. Sida Zeng is one of the most skilled prosthodontists in his field. He saves many smiles from the demise of decay or gum disease. Dr. sida Zeng uses the best in digital technology. The right tools help us create products with precision.

You'll love the fits you get knowing each product is made specifically for your mouth's unique needs!

Prosthodontics affects both aesthetics and overall oral care.
Here are some of our services:
  • IMPLANT SURGERY - Single teeth implants / Multiple teeth implants / Immediate implants / Same Day extraction and implant placement
  • IMPLANT RESTORATIONS - Fixed restorations / Removable Restorations / Aesthetic Restoration / Functional Rehabilitations
  • CROWNS - Single teeth to complex multiple teeth rehabilitation
  • VENEERS -Aesthetic reconstructions / minimally invasive treatments
  • BRIDGES - Fixed restorative options
  • DENTURES -Conventional and implant supported denture prostheses
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