What Is A Prosthodontist?
A prosthodontist is a fully licensed dentist who has taken 3 additional years of specialty residency training in the dental field of prosthodontics.

Their specialty lies in diagnosing, treatment planning, and executing complex treatment cases for a variety of dental patients.

During the 3-year residency training, the dentist learns in-depth about:

  • Dental Occlusion: how teeth should fit and bite together properly
  • Dental Articulation: how the jaw moves and controls the teeth position
  • Dental Aesthetics: how to get a natural and beautiful looking smile
  • Dental Materials: the most modern, up-to-date restorative options for longevity and comfort
  • Dental Implants: how to properly plan and provide implant teeth
  • Sleep Apnea management: oral appliances as an alternative to CPAP/biPAP machines
  • Removable Prosthodontics: dentures, partials, snap-on or clip-on teeth
  • Fixed Prosthodontics: natural tooth crowns, natural tooth bridges, veneers, implant crown and bridges

As a Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics, Dr. Sida Zeng is ready to offer you the best in restorative,
reconstructive, and aesthetic dental care.

For additional information, please follow the links below:

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